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  • Freelance sound engineer, CEO Robust Audio; Los Angeles, CA — 2018–Present

Freelance Sound Engineer.

  • Audio Consultant, various — 2016-2018

Involved in the establishment of multiple studios. Worked in workflow design, equipment specification, installation, configuration and optimization to meet the client’s unique needs and requirements.

  • Chief Engineer, Mad Hatter Studios; Los Angeles, CA — 2002-2016

Studio recording and mixing for every genre of music including Pop, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Swing, Folk, Orchestral and Film Music.

Music Mastering of songs and albums.

Post production mixing for visual properties such as ads, promotional pieces, documentaries and cinematic (film) or episodic (TV).

Live mixing for events - specializing as an A1 doing live-to-air broadcast mixing.

  • Digital Asset Ingest Manager, Visiosonic; Florida — 2000-2001

Involved in the creation and management of digital assets for an internet media based company.



  • Music mixing for all genres of music: Pop, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Swing, Folk, Orchestral and Film Music (Stereo and Surround)

  • Music mastering of songs and albums

  • Studio workflow specialist

  • Expert Pro Tools operator and Mix Technician

  • Mixboards: Neve, SSL, Avid S6, Avid S3, Avid Artist Mix, Avid System 5, Euphonix CS-2000, Harrison

Post Production:

  • Post Production Rerecording Mixer for audiovisual properties: commercials, documentaries, film and TV

  • Other audio post production skills: sound design, dialog editing, music editing

Live Sound:

  • A1 Mixing for live events: Live Broadcast, Front of House, Monitors

  • Sound System Engineering: optimization for live events and installations

  • FOH Tech, Monitor Mix Tech, Broadcast Tech (A2)

  • Mixboards: Digico (All models and configurations), Yamaha, Midas, Allen & Heath