Buck with his first five Grammys

Buck with his first five Grammys


Buck is a multi-Grammy award winning mixer based in Los Angeles. He got his start in one of the world’s top recording and mixing facilities where he worked on all types of audio production and gained extensive experience doing:

Music mixing for every genre including Pop, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Swing, Folk, Orchestral and Film Music.

Post production mixing for visual properties such as ads, promotional pieces, documentaries and cinematic (film) or episodic (TV).

Live mixing for events - specializing as an A1 doing live-to-air broadcast mixing.

He also gained extensive experience in designing and implementing audio production workflows and studio installation, being involved in the construction and installation of over 15 studios.

His goal is to understand and duplicate what the artist is trying to communicate and then do everything possible to enhance that communication so that it will have the greatest emotional impact on the audience. He strives to create an environment free from distraction in which the artist is confident and comfortable to create. His job is to take care of all the technical aspects so the artist is free to create.